stuff I have worked on; stuff I am working on; stuff I may work on

  • goldsmith.nvim - a nascent Go developer’s environment. For the most part I use Neovim’s native features and a a number of plugins, but there are some things I want that are not currently available. Goldsmith fills this void. As I discover features I want I add them to Goldsmith.
  • toggle-lsp-diagnostics.nvim - neovim plugin to toggle either all LSP diagnostics on/off or just some subset. Can be useful if diagnostics become distracting.
  • nvim-go-client-examples - I am interested in making Neovim plugins using Go. I found that there was already a library that helped with that. The library is not very well documented and there are few examples. I decided to take some time and make a repository that contained as many examples and as much documentation as I could produce. I continue to update this respository as I learn more about Neovim’s API and the go-client library.
  • snago - grab Go release packages, list Go releases
  • plenv-module-inspector - an old Perl-related project. A plugin for Plenv that adds a number of useful features such as listing installed modules and other things.